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Shadow Work Mini Retreat
Shadow Work Mini Retreat

Time is TBD


A Town Near You

Shadow Work Mini Retreat

Are you ready to level up?

Time & Location

Time is TBD

A Town Near You


I’ve designed an amazing course for those committed to embarking on a journey of self-discovery.

We will dive deep to explore how we got to where we are now. Shining light into the dark caves of our minds to reveal the gems that are hidden there and discover the source of our damaging patterns.

The shadow is the part of us that is made up of all that we hide away: our shame, our fears and our wounds, but also our divine spirit, our blinding beauty and our hidden talents.

The shadow is the unconscious part of the brain, which drives a large amount of our behavior. Automatic response to triggers, deep - seated habits, and emotional patterns “live” here.

We will work on exploring the parts we tend to ignore and repress, the areas we like to hide away. This is where you will start to recognize self-sabotaging behavior and habits that could be potentially holding you back and find talents wanting to come to the surface.

It can be tough and will challenge you in ways you’ve never known when you begin to look within to see what has really been driving you in life.

You don’t have to do it alone.

So tell me, is this you?

• You keep your vibration high or stay away from negative vibes, but you still can’t manifest.

• You want to build better relationships with others.

• You desire to fully love and accept yourself so you can you fully love and accept others.

• Things just don’t go your way. You have a lot in your life that your dislike or find difficult.

• Find it hard to maintain a consistent job or interest in anything specific, and instead entertain yourself with whatever is in front of you.

• Feels like your life is currently going in circles.

• You might feel that you don’t have any value, or you’re worried about your value being stolen or misused in some way.

• Or perhaps you want to keep your value to yourself, because you think that the world hasn’t given you enough value in return.

• Find yourself giving too much, doing too much for other people.

• Casting blame and judgement on others and having regrets about how you’ve behaved.

• Or maybe you don’t have regrets, because you’ve never examined yourself that closely.

• Relationships that seem to go in endless circles, have unhealthy back-and-forth dynamics, that feel more like a battlefield than love.

• Encountered specific limiting beliefs time and time again.

• You crave freedom and time to recharge.

• You desire a space to connect with other like-minded individuals to exchange ideas and possibilities.

If you answered yes to five of these or more than this retreat was made especially with you in mind…

I will guide you and a small group, while holding scared space that allows us to support and nurture each other.

We focus on doing the work necessary to start to shine light on the shadow and begin to own our shadows.

With this newfound understanding, you receive the greatest gift of all – CHOICE about how you want your life to unfold.


  • Shadow Mini retreat

    +$3.13 service fee
  • Pay it Forward

    Goes towards your ticket + supporting scholarships + donations for others that may not be able to join us otherwise.

    +$4.38 service fee



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