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Passionate About Inspiring Others

A natural curiosity for the physical and spiritual world drove me to circumnavigate the world, which lead to further exploration from pole to pole to experience incredible growth through personal transformation that was intentional and shaped by serendipitous events presented to me along the way. Not a simple journey by any means and not one for the light of heart, but at the same time it offered the gifts of priceless wisdom, strength, and freedom because I accepted the dare. 

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Buying whatever airline ticket was the cheapest, flying to a new country days later with no plans and little knowledge about the country itself.  Not knowing what is going to happen from one moment to the next.  Not being controlled by an agenda, but rather, being in tune with what moved my heart and soul. Being present in the moment and deciding freely what experience I would like next, reaching out, learning new things and hearing new perspectives.  Experiencing and practicing my intuitive gifts. 

This trust in my own intuition grew a natural understanding of the Universe in everything. With life experience, I’ve learned to dwell in the mystery and uncertainty of life without rushing to fill in the spaces with security and practicality. Embracing the understanding that the Universe always supports and brings much abundance and being able to receive and share that is part of our biggest lesson in life. My ability for intuition and connection is unique and is derived from within and I feel a need to serve others in order to help guide them through obstacles and critical life decisions.

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