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Winter retreat
January 19th-21st 2024

I'm inviting you to a very special place

ABC Good Morning America may have voted it as the “Most Beautiful Place in America”, but I’m inviting you to experience Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in a way that only few people do.  In the winter. Yes, this is the darkest and coldest time of year, but it allows the landscape to transform. It is finally permitted to breathe and rest while the summer tourist and residents are gone.


There is a special stillness in winter as snow blankets the ground and creates a powerful setting that you naturally find peace.  The cold winds prickle the skin and the tips of bare branches whistle overhead while the sun hangs low in the sky.  The sharp chill in the air is invigorating and clarifies the mind.

We will climb dunes of sand that are frozen and no longer drifting and ever changing. We will walk along the shoreline of a deserted beach and hike through a dark mysterious forest searching for our inner rhythm.  Being cold physically teaches us to sit with discomfort to find calm.  As I stoke the fires in the woodstove, you’ll be reminded to stoke your own inner fire and warm yourself from the inside out. 


We will follow the cues of nature. A time to embrace stillness, celebrate sensitivities, allow the tears to flow if need be and address the senses that lie beneath the surface.

Ahhh…the delights of Northern Michigan in the Winter.  But let me tell you more……

Now I know that you've heard that you're the average of the five people that you spend the most time with...

Imagine the effect of 3 extraordinary days in the exclusive company of myself and a small handful of other women …. LIKE YOU – who have been doing the deep inner work to heal, transform, and experience a spiritual awakening.  Yearning for something sacred, new and deep.

 Sharing not only their collective wisdom and insights, but also with the specific intention of helping you deeply embody YOUR LIGHT and true essence like never before and live in higher vibration.

Together we AMPLIFY our personal work and heal the collective.

A deep bow to you and a friendly reminder that you do not need to suffer anymore.  You don’t have to do it alone.  It’s time to deeply embody YOUR LIGHT and true essence like never before and live in higher vibration.

We all know the world needs positive input more than ever before – it’s obvious there’s no time to lose. That’s why NOW is the time to uplift, uplevel and unleash our collective energy and intention into the world!

So tell me, is this you?

You keep your vibration high or stay away from negative vibes, but you still can’t manifest.

Find it hard to maintain a consistent job or interest in anything specific and instead entertain yourself with whatever is in front of you.

You might feel that you don’t have any value or you’re worried about your value being stolen or misused in some way.

You desire to fully love and accept yourself so you can you fully love and accept others.

Feels like your life is currently going in circles. 

Or perhaps you want to keep your value to yourself, because you think that the world hasn’t given you enough value in return.

Casting blame and judgement on others and having regrets about how you’ve behaved.

Find yourself giving too much and doing too much for other people.

You crave freedom and time to recharge.

Or maybe you don’t have regrets, because you’ve never examined yourself that closely.

Encountered specific limiting beliefs time and time again.

You desire adventure and the space to connect with other like-minded women to exchange ideas and possibilities.

If you answered yes to five or more than this retreat was made especially with you in mind.

That's exactly why you're going to LOVE Restore & Renew winter retreat

It’s 3 days of …. rejuvenation, connecting with nature, spirituality, reflection, transformation, leveling up, giving back, delicious food and FUN – something we ALL desperately need after this past year.

There is something about the magical energy of this area that will inspire you and deepen your intuition. The perfect place to gather, amplify our collective energy and empower each other to soar in life.

What's included

  • 3 incredible days together with daily deep - dive sessions and lots of juicy conversations all weekend!

  • Workbook/Journal

  • Bed and Breakfast style accommodation 

  • 2 delicious breakfasts

  • 1 fun meet and greet dinner

  • 1 cooking class and dinner from local gourmet chef 

  • 1 mouthwatering lunch

  • Guided hike through National Park

  • Morning walks to the beach for sunrise

  • Entrance fees to National Park

  • Therapy cat ready to give and receive plenty of love​

What you are going to walk away with

So what can you expect if you spend 3 incredible days diving deep And enjoying yourself on a trip to Northern Michigan?

You get the encouragement you need to show up more confidently so you can show up as the full version of yourself, shadow and all.

You get access to a small group of women willing to generously share, unlearn, decondition, dive deep into the shadow, and remember a new way of existing in harmony with ourselves, each other and Mother Earth.

Finally figure out a deeper self-awareness that holds less fear, shame and uncertainty in which you gain a deeper connection with your intuition, trust and a renewed enthusiasm while embracing your gifts. 

You get answers to ALL your questions in real time from someone who truly cares about you.

would that be worth coming to northern Michigan for? 


without a doubt!

If you are feeling a full body YES right now reading this, then Rest & Restore Winter Retreat is for you! I’m inviting you to embark on this journey.

In today’s world of fast-food spirituality, we can get caught in the illusion of finding a spiritual ‘fix’ for the challenges of life. At this retreat, we will look at the notion of integrated spirituality and how effective spiritual practice needs time and space to be deeply nourishing, healing and sustainable. Join me to explore what it means to commit to a spiritual path and to live with an awakened heart. It is eye opening and my hope is that once you take in this information, you’ll start re-setting for a much more powerful new year.

the venue

An adorable multi-level cottage located in the heart of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.  We are snuggled in the quaint little town of Glen Arbor that is partially asleep for the winter months. You can walk to Lake Michigan, Glen Lake, shopping, coffee shops and wineries. Peace and quiet of the sleepy town is a stargazer’s dream on a clear winter night. 

4 warm, spacious bedrooms with shared bathrooms await. A warm, crackling fire prepared for you in the living room for your reading or board game enjoyment.  We will enjoy buffet style meals in the open dining area.

living room
bedroom 1
bedroom 2
bedroom 3
bedroom 4
private room and bed
shared room, private bed $500
private room, shared bed $400





  • Meet & Greet: The beginning of new friendships. So many smiles! So much happiness! So much excitement!  Gorgeous Charcuterie Board themed with regional favorites.

  • Open Circle & Sound Healing infused with Reiki: We dive right in the first evening.  As we begin to restore the body and clear the mind.  Let's shift the habitual patterns that may have been attained during this pandemic that keep you from being calm, clear and balanced.  The sound healing will systematically release stored physical, emotional, and mental tensions.

  • Sunrise Walk: to the beach for mediation and set intentions for the day while soaking in the incredible opening and healing energy of Lake Michigan.

  • Breakfast: Delicious and nutritious buffet style breakfast enjoyed together.

  • Workshop 1: Begin to let go of the old beliefs and habits that keep you locked in your past and fearful of your future. Experience your emotions fully, knowing that you have a grounded and calm inner presence. We will work with practices like….

    • guided self-analysis

    • journaling

    • group discussion

    • active imagining

  • Lunch Delicious and nutritious lunch enjoyed together

  • Guided Walk: We will practice Shinrin Yoku, a Japanese technique that destresses, boosts health and wellbeing. I’ll teach you this simple method of being calm and quiet amongst the trees, observing nature around you whilst breathing deeply. The experience will create positive, calming neuro-psychological effects through changes in the nervous system, reducing the stress hormone cortisol and boosting the immune system. I hope you share this new learned technique with anyone you know that needs help reducing stress, anger, anxiety, depression, reduce blood pressure or could use improved concentration and mental clarity.

  • Workshop 2: The deep work of cultivating a practice in yourself that will help open your eyes to how these various psychological concepts and ideas are expressed in our broader culture.  Explore and deepen your relationship with the ideas of how shadow projection and culture intertwine, we will work with practices like…

    • guided self-analysis

    • journaling

    • group discussion

    • active imagining

  • Dinner: We've been diving deep so let's lighten things up with a little walk to a local gourmet store for a demonstration-style cooking class!  We will have the place to ourselves so the experience is personal and fun as we sip a glass of perfectly-paired wine, beer or cocktail, while learning new culinary facts and skills from Chef Julie.

  • Free time: In town or opportunity to work with Heather one on one back at the cottage

  • Sunrise Walk: to the beach for mediation and set intention for the day while soaking in the incredible opening and healing energy of Lake Michigan

  • Breakfast: Delicious and nutritious buffet style breakfast enjoyed together.

  • Workshop 3  & Closing Circle: We create intentions to live not from the unconscious past programming but from a new perspective — the perspective of knowing your true self. As we conclude our inner exploration now we take this new felt sense of wellbeing back into our personal life, family life, work life, and love life.

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