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3 Hours

That Change Your Life

Service Description

I have a pretty unique gift in the way that I can tell people what they want or need before they even know it themselves. Over the years I’ve discovered that many people are often unclear about what their real problem is – or they struggle to say it in a clear way. This leads to the disempowering experience of never making any real headway toward the goal because it’s unclear. In this 3 hour deep dive, we’ll diagram any problems you want solutions to, by asking you tough questions. We’ll draft a clear “problem statement” and come up with an agreed plan with a lasting solution and a way forward. Powerful stuff in a neat little package. 1 hr prep call 2 hr zoom session Workbook Tailored tools & resources after the call

Contact Details

  • 1119 Burton St SE #100, Grand Rapids, MI 49507, USA


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