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Astrology Reading

Discover Who You Really Are with a Birth Chart Reading

Service Description

Learning your Astrological placements is extremely validating, because it points to the energies that play out in our choices and experiences. It is a key to self-awareness and understanding your experiences and the energies you are working with. A general reading covers your chart as a whole and provides insights into all areas, including relationships, career, purpose, money, karmic patterns, and soul lessons. Otherwise, I will be intuitively guided to the information that is the most important for you to receive at the time. To receive an accurate chart reading, you will need your exact birth time, location, and date. All sessions are held virtually, via Zoom. Firstly you will pay for your session, book a time and provide me with your birth information (date, time of birth, and location of birth) as well as any specific questions you have for me. After this, I will spend a number of hours preparing your reading and tuning into the key messages you need to hear. At the agreed time we will have a zoom call where I will take you through your chart and provide time for you to ask any questions. I will send you your PDF report of your reading that includes: No-nonsense descriptions of the basic planetary configurations present in your life, and how these affect you. Introduction A brief introduction to astrology and the concepts used by astrologers today interpreting charts. The Planets The first and largest chapter takes you through the planets and their aspects, beginning with the Sun and the Moon. Life Landscapes These Saturn transits provide description of major life periods: your personal background, plus a close-up look at your current situation, complete with exact dates of Saturn transits. Elemental Balance This section analyzes elements, modalities, and angularities. Discover which you have in abundance or which you are lacking. Measuring these gives a general picture of the person. Challenges and Abilities This is a second breakdown of planetary aspects, describing areas of intense focus and activity. Challenges can be difficult, requiring caution and extra patience. Abilities are areas of clear insight and real talent. House Activity and Emphasis This is a six-to-eight page report on this very important basic part of astrology. Houses, signs, and planets in houses are looked at in this section. Major Transits A calculation and interpretation of transits for Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

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1240 E Eighth St, Traverse City, MI 49686, USA

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