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Energy Healing

Reiki Treatment - Sound Healing - Guided Meditation

Service Description

My spiritual quest to Sedona was due mainly to the fact that some of the world's energy vortexes are located there. These vortexes are subtle energy centers where spiritual and psychic powers are enhanced. 6,000 years ago humans discovered this place on earth that seemed especially alive with energy and settled outside of the sacred and powerful area. Our ancient ancestors recognized Sedona as a spiritual location where the energy is conducive to healing, meditation and self-exploration. It is here that I was trained and attuned for Reiki to open my energy channels to facilitate the flow of healing energy. Reiki is a form of alternative therapy commonly referred to as energy healing. The term Reiki comes from the Japanese words “rei,” which means universal, and “ki,” which means vital energy that flows through all living things. I use my hands to deliver energy that promotes your self-healing abilities. I do not cause the healing, nor am I the source of that healing energy, I simple become a channel for energy and improve the flow and balance of your energy to activate the natural healing process to restore physical and emotional well-being. Reiki treatments may be used to; reduce pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, help manage symptoms; reduce side effects of medications; and support recovery after injuries or surgery. The positive benefits of reiki can enhance your overall well-being leaving you with a sense of calm, inner peace, relaxation and boosting your mood.

Contact Details

  • Michigan, USA


  • 1119 Burton St SE #100, Grand Rapids, MI 49507, USA


  • Glen Arbor, MI, USA


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