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fear& moving forward



September 23-25 2022

I'm inviting you to a very weekend

The wine-curious and the wine aficionados alike will  enjoy this weekend, as we discover wineries and vineyards along a journey of self discovery. There is no better way to explore Michigan, and Michigan’s wineries, than with an unhurried afternoon sampling award-winning wines along one of the state’s many wine trails.  


We will discover the world of wine in your own backyard by visiting local tasting rooms nestled among the rolling hills and inland lakes. 

We will stay in our own private oasis in the woods, close enough to hear the waves of Lake Michigan.  Hidden on 2 wooded acres that backs to a public nature preserve.  A place to reconnect and slow down, enjoy wooded views and a feeling of away from it all. 

We will hold space for each other that allows you to set down the burdens you've been carrying.  We will walk together through the darkness into true freedom. 

The trees are shedding their leaves as they are no longer helpful, and we can learn to shed the same way with unhelpful thoughts and memories.

Imagine the effect of 3 extraordinary days in the exclusive company of myself and a small handful of other women …. LIKE YOU – who have been doing the deep inner work to heal, transform, and experience a spiritual awakening.  Yearning for something sacred, new and deep.

 Sharing not only their collective wisdom and insights, but also with the specific intention of helping you deeply embody YOUR LIGHT and true essence like never before and live in higher vibration.

Together we AMPLIFY our personal work and heal the collective.

A deep bow to you and a friendly reminder that you do not need to suffer anymore.  You don’t have to do it alone.  It’s time to deeply embody YOUR LIGHT and true essence like never before and live in higher vibration.

We all know the world needs positive input more than ever before – it’s obvious there’s no time to lose. That’s why NOW is the time to uplift, uplevel and unleash our collective energy and intention into the world!

So tell me, is this you?

Feel trapped in your life; whether through work, toxic relationships, or your own feelings of negative self-worth.

Feel emotionally stuck, trapped, blocked or unable to move forward.

Find that you avoid certain situations in order to avoid a panic attack or other anxiety-induced symptoms.

You desire to fully love and accept yourself so you can you fully love and accept others.

Feel like your life is currently going in circles. 

Are constantly under threat of the crippling effects of anxiety/ stress; either on an ongoing basis, or in intermittent, acute episodes.

Stuck, stalled, blocked and in self-sabotage. 

Find yourself giving too much and doing too much for other people.

You crave freedom and time to recharge.

Interested in living a life of action, courage and peace.

Encountered specific limiting beliefs time and time again.

You desire adventure and the space to connect with other like-minded women to exchange ideas and possibilities.

If you answered yes to five or more than this retreat was made especially with you in mind.

That's exactly why you're going to LOVE Autumn equinox 
releasing to move forward retreat

It’s 3 days of …. rejuvenation, connecting with nature, spirituality, reflection, transformation, leveling up, giving back, delicious food and FUN!

There is something about the magical energy of this area that will inspire you and deepen your intuition. The perfect place to gather, amplify our collective energy and empower each other to soar in life.

Autumn is a wonderful time to focus on decrease or endings. Do you want to let go of self-destructive beliefs or behaviors? Lose weight? End an unfulfilling relationship? Now is the time to break old habits and patterns that have been limiting you. Anything you wish to eliminate from your life can now be released.

This retreat is designed for that.  

What's included

  • 3 incredible days together with daily deep - dive sessions and lots of juicy conversations all weekend!

  • Powerful Release Fire Ceremony

  • Overcome Fear and Live Confidently Workshop

  • Bed and Breakfast style accommodation 

  • 2 delicious breakfasts

  • 1 fun meet and greet dinner

  • 1 delicious dinner 

  • 1 mouthwatering lunch

  • Wine Tasting local vineyard

  • Exploring Lake Michigan Beach

  • Sound Healing Mediation 

What you are going to walk away with

So what can you expect if you spend 3 incredible days diving deep And enjoying yourself on a trip to the south west michigan?

You get the encouragement you need to show up more confidently so you can show up as the full version of yourself.

You get access to a small group of women willing to generously share, unlearn, decondition, dive deep and remember a new way of existing in harmony with ourselves, each other and Mother Earth.

You feel in control of your emotions, thoughts, and actions.

You get answers to ALL your questions in real time from someone who truly cares about you.

would that be worth coming to southwest Michigan for? 


without a doubt!

If you are feeling a full body YES right now reading this, then Release and Move Forward Retreat is for you! I’m inviting you to embark on this journey.

In today’s world of fast-food spirituality, we can get caught in the illusion of finding a spiritual ‘fix’ for the challenges of life. At this retreat, we will look at the notion of integrated spirituality and how effective spiritual practice needs time and space to be deeply nourishing, healing and sustainable. Join me to explore what it means to commit to a spiritual path and to live with an awakened heart. It is eye opening and my hope is that once you take in this information, you’ll start re-setting for a much more powerful life.

the venue

A breathtaking, serene home awaits.  We are snuggled in the woods with a short walk to Lake Michigan.  Peace and quiet of the area is a stargazer’s dream on a clear autumn night with a fire to warm us.

4  warm, spacious bedrooms with shared bathrooms await.  Each bedroom has it's own patio. We will enjoy buffet style meals in the open dining area.

Bedroom 1
bed 4
private room and bed
shared room, private bed $555
private room, shared bed $444
Red Maple Leaves





  • Meet & Greet: The beginning of new friendships. So many smiles! So much happiness! So much excitement!  Gorgeous Charcuterie Board themed with regional favorites.

  • Open Circle & Sound Healing infused with Reiki: We dive right in the first evening.  As we begin to restore the body and clear the mind.  Let's shift the habitual patterns and bring you to a state of being calm, clear and balanced.  The sound healing will systematically release stored physical, emotional, and mental tensions.

  • Sunrise on the Lake:  We start the day on the beach for mediation and set intentions for the day while soaking in the incredible crisp, autumn morning with the healing energy of Lake Michigan.

  • Breakfast: Delicious and nutritious buffet style breakfast enjoyed together.

  • Workshop: Begin to let go of the old beliefs and habits that keep you locked in your past and fearful of your future. In this workshop we will be focusing on what needs to be transformed in this moment of your life-time so you can venture out and create what you want to see manifested in your life. We pay particular attention to long-standing limitations and deep-seated fears that prevent you from becoming active for your goals and dreams and live the life you really want to live..

  • Lunch Delicious and nutritious lunch enjoyed together. Weather permitting a picnic on Lake Michigan.

  • Wine Tour There’s a diverse group of winemakers in the area, each creating and showcasing a wide variety of flavors. In Michigan's Southwest region, you'll find classic tastes, new innovations and bold fruit wines. If you're new to the world of wine, we plan a  trip to a winery for a tasting tour for exposure to a wide variety of different wine styles.

  • Dinner: Back to the venue for a feast.  We will reflect on our own personal harvest of accomplishments in time for sunset. 

  • Fire Ceremony:  As darkness falls we will enjoy the fresh night air and perform a powerful fire ceremony to release what no longer serves you.

  • Sunrise On Lake: We start the day on our beach for mediation and set intentions for the day while soaking in the incredible crisp, autumn morning with the healing energy of Lake Michigan.

  • Breakfast: Delicious and nutritious buffet style breakfast enjoyed together.

  • Embracing Fear & Closing Circle: We create intentions to live not from the unconscious past programming but from a new perspective — the perspective of knowing your true self. As we conclude our inner exploration now we take this new felt sense of wellbeing back into our personal life, family life, work life, and love life.

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